Sticker Shock Leads to First Uprising

We’re hearing that the first meeting of the SAG-AFTRA National Board has already resulted in the first rejection of a major plan from the senior leadership of the new union. Details aren’t fully available yet, but it seems that a proposed increase in initiation fees for those outside Los Angeles and New York got shot down hard.

At the time of merger the two largest locals were given initiation fees that went to $3000, because that was a number lower than the combined initiation fees for the two former unions. Smaller locals were left with initiation fees that were the same as before merger.

A proposal to raise the smaller local initiation fees drew fierce resistance, leaving the National Board with a potential problem that isn’t solved yet – figuring out what to do to make up for the loss in projected income, one that was expected to grow because of other proposals that the Board hasn’t heard yet.

More as details become available.

23 thoughts on “Sticker Shock Leads to First Uprising

  1. Great. Some rat breaches confidentiality, and you’re giving them a hand. Plus, the article contains misinformation. Nice job, assholes.

  2. Shame indeed. Will the campaign of self-destruction ever stop?

    And to sagaftrawatch: shame on whoever among you published this. Just because someone leaks confidential board information to you, you are not obligated to be complicit. You have choices.

    XAdmin Response: Really? This is self-destruction? Really?

    Sounds like some in the leadership and some in the G1 think they’re too important to have to answer to the members. And it sounds like some just don’t get it. The results are going to be obvious to everyone, even if they don’t get formally announced.

    The idea that there should be secrecy about important union decisions like this is just nutty.

    • I’m sorry but I violently disagree, without even addressing the lack of integrity of maintaining your fiduciary responsibility to your fellow members and that includes maintaining confidentiality when it is required, you can’t say it’s nutty to expect that they would comply. There is also the case where negotiation tactics are discussed and leaking that could hurt our members and give the employers advance info on what was discussed. There is a great need for the freedom to speak freely in these board rooms and it is in the members interest that we can do so without it leaking out in real time and hitting the blogs. So while i usually am a friendly poster to this site and it’s editors, in this instance I’m disappointed and frustrated.

  3. I agree, if you were in the room then you should be ashamed. If you are not, then whoever fed you this, should have their position revoked and lose their seat. Who do you think you are helping by breaching confidentiality? Not the members. Shame on you.

  4. It shouldn’t be out but it is.

    The reason for lower initiation fees outside of the major areas is simple.
    People won’t join if it costs to much and outside of NY and LA there is not a lot of work.

    But when they join on the cheap they have to pay up to full if they want to work in the major markets.

    With so many right to work states you want to make it easy to join so that the talent doesn’t stay non-union on union projects getting all the wages and protections of union membership without joining.

    • Yeah, Les:”People won’t join if it costs to much and outside of NY and LA there is not a lot of work”
      The less people outside of NY and LA in the union, the less votes for the current majority. If my cardiologist gives me permission, I just might run again.

      • You just might run again, Beasor? OH PA-LEESE run again, please please do that.

        I can’t friggin wait for you and AMJ and Joliffe to run again.

        It will be such fun.

        • Redanty, read the Constitution. You don’t get a vote on me, Jolliffe or AMJ unless we run for National Office and you are dues current.

          • Who would vote for a member censured by his own peers – including those of his own political party – for Conduct Unbecoming a Member, Terrence? Will you put that in your ballot statement?

          • I wasn’t talking about voting for you Terry. Where did I write that?
            Read the post Beasor.

            I just can’t wait til you and AMJ run for anything in the union. Really can’t wait.

            It will be such fun.

            “Hey, vote for these guys! They like to sue our union” Great advertising, no?

  5. I dunno., descendent of, being lectured by
    merger-ites of leaking confidential information?

    What is up? I think transparency is a truly irreplaceable ingredient. This is not tipping the hand to the producers.

    The new union is going to be rife with disagreements. And transparency will be the only way to go. Otherwise it won’t make it.

    • “I dunno., descendent of, being lectured by merger-ites of leaking confidential information?”

      I’m not a merger-ite, and never was. NOW what’s your excuse?

    • There is a difference between “secrecy” and the required rule of confidentiality.

      Leaking a secret is not the same as leaking confidential information.

      A Board must have the trust that confidential discussions until completely worked out and issues decided upon by said board stay confidential.

      Otherwise, why have a confidentiality rule at all? Why sign an agreement to keep executive session and all matters named as confidential contained within that body of board members?

  6. Shouldn’t a boardroom be a place which embraces open debate without concern of who said what? The debate needs to be held in confidence to allow for free discussion; the result of the debate is what affects members and should be made public.

  7. really!! anyone expected confidentiality??!! The white house only give themselves 2 days before a leak ( see current issue re Bid Laden) The Academy has stopped expecting it at all. If there are more than 3 people present there will be no confidential matters and to expect them is the height of naive Just what was confidentiality going to achieve? A surprise dues jump? Someone explain how knowing an increase is in the offing now is different that it being announced later, expect for the spin.

    • “The white house only give themselves 2 days before a leak ”

      That’s two days longer than this administration gave the new board. Again, the issue was going to become public very quickly, and those in the room saw it unfold exactly as it should: the current folks made a proposal, the body debated, a sub motion was M/S, and then after more debate, the body passed the sub motion.
      Meanwhile, someone breached the (admittedly momentary) confidentiality…with this website’s help. It seems odd, at a time where we need each other more than ever, this site is willing to foment mistrust.

  8. Kathy, as I understand it, the whole thing was about creating a more fair initiation fee. Initiation fee and dues are two very different things. I believe in integrity. And as such, I believe in the possibility of confidentiality. Whether that is naive or expecting too much, I don’t know. But if we are all adults, I expect we should behave like adults.

  9. In a C-SPAN world, which even *most* small city governments have joined by way of cable-access, SAG-AFTRA should probably be thinking about redefining what is subject to confidentiality. Some stuff obviously needs to be, and I doubt any responsible person would deny it. This? Umm, it’s not terribly obvious to me why. Let the sunshine in, wherever reasonably possible, in my view.

  10. Dear admin,
    I wrote a comment that never appeared. What’s up with that?

    Ed. Comment: We only allow one identity per poster.

  11. don’t mind the double billing of paid up members currently happening ,or the looting of union accounts,how about those election rules that are vague or so pro incumbent friendly that no member will get elected without committee approval

    leak all the information including the actuall percentages of the vote,,\
    and the other legal yet immoral union screw job to the members…..done by our leaders….

    Ed. Comment: If there is actually any documented case of “double billing,” the answer is to pick up the phone and get the matter straightened out.

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